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Four Trends Shaping Data Driven Advertising in 2024

Jan 8, 2024 1:54:26 PM / by Keith Snow

Could 2024 be your biggest year of growth yet?

It can if you grow your customer base by reaching just the right people with a message that’s
valuable and relevant.

We just made it sound pretty simple, but in the sprawling digital landscape, it’s easy to waste
your marketing spend. Without deeper intelligence into your ideal audience, their purchasing
behaviors, and preferred channels, you risk misappropriating your time, effort, and dollars – and
not achieving the results you want.

Data-driven advertising strategies are increasingly important for businesses striving to reach
higher goals. To reach your audience efficiently and effectively in 2024, consider the ways data-
driven advertising is evolving.


Persona-Driven Ad Targeting

Today's consumers are more diverse and have a wider range of interests and preferences than
ever before. The days of reaching a broad audience with a generic message are long gone;
today there are much more effective ways to reach and engage target customers.

Persona targeting involves creating detailed profiles of ideal customers. This can be
accomplished with a robust, up-to-date consumer data source, such as B2E’s MotusAudiences,
which leverages the largest repository of consumer information in the United States maintained
by Experian. This allows your business to tailor messaging and campaigns to resonate with your
specific audience segments.


First-Party Data

Data collected directly from your target audiences – or first-party data -- is an increasingly
important element of successful advertising campaigns. As we’ve written about previously,
Google’s plans to phase out third-party cookies in 2024 means advertisers are losing what has
been their traditional means of tracking user behavior.

But, there are numerous upsides to building a strong first-party data foundation. You’ll have
more control over the data and its quality and be better equipped to create personalized,
relevant, and impactful marketing campaigns. There are numerous ways to build your repository
of first-party data – check out this article for ideas.


Contextual Advertising Targeting

In part because of the demise of cookies, contextual advertising will play a more crucial role in
2024. Contextual targeting analyzes the content of a web page to determine the context and
deliver relevant ads. It uses anonymized data and avoids tracking individual users across the
web, making it more privacy-oriented amid both stricter regulations and changing public
sentiment about digital privacy.

Contextual targeting provides advertisers the opportunity to deliver digital ads with accuracy and
impact, achieving the balance consumers crave of personalization and privacy. Contextual ads
can be integrated across relevant digital platforms, such as search engine results, social media, streaming services, new websites, and other relevant digital sites your audience browses.
When blended with first-party data strategies, marketers can develop a comprehensive and
effective advertising approach.

Omni-Channel Experiences

The buyer’s journey today is more fluid than ever, and customers are interacting with
businesses across multiple channels as they make purchase decisions. So, your advertising
strategy should reflect that, making your brand present where your customers are, whether
that’s on-location, mobile, social media, or digital display.

An omnichannel approach allows businesses to reach their target audiences more effectively,
delivering consistent messages across all channels and leading them back to your brand with a
resonant offer or message.

Predictive Strategy

Predictive analytics provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, analyzing various data
sources to predict the future behaviors of your target audiences. It’s a powerful tool that can be
used to transform advertising strategies and achieve greater success.

Predictive analytics provide a roadmap to laser-target your advertising strategy. Hone in on the
highest-value audiences, predict purchase propensity, and optimize your campaigns for
message, creative, and channel delivery. Every decision can be informed and optimized.

Interested in incorporating these trends into your advertising program? If you’d like to reach
news heights in your marketing – and your business results -- reach out to set up a



Keith Snow

Written by Keith Snow

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