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Three Ways Mobile Advertising IDs Can Help Marketing Leaders

Mar 11, 2021 1:04:31 PM / by Keith Snow


Most of us can admit it – we’re addicted to our phones. According to this article, more than 91 percent of smartphone users have their phone within reach 24 hours a day. Wow! 

This is great news for marketers who want to connect with their audience wherever they are today. That is, provided you have the insights around where your customers are and what they’re doing online.

So, how do you find out?

Let the MAIDs guide the way. 

Inside those phones we hold so closely is something called a mobile advertising identifier or MAID. It’s a string of digits that include numbers, letters, and symbols that are assigned to that mobile device. MAIDs are in the device’s operating system and when the device owner downloads and installs apps, marketers can retrieve this unique information and use it to more deeply understand their customers and prospects. It enables highly targeted and effective mobile advertising. 

Customers don’t have to be using YOUR app to produce helpful MAID data. ANY application on their phone that uses location services (like a weather app) creates collectible intelligence. The only way MAIDs can be deleted is to reset the device, so they have a longer shelf life than cookies.


Using Maids you can learn about your customer's digital location-based activity


Three Key Ways Marketers Can Use MAIDs 

  • Understand important customer behavior.

Using MAIDs, you can learn about your customers’ digital and location-based activity, and in-store behavior. This includes what apps they use, where they go online, what stores they’ve frequented in the past 90 days, and if they’re using apps while in-store. 

This data builds a more complete picture of your customers across multiple channels and facilitates segmentation into groups based on shared characteristics You’ll better understand each segment’s preferences and what types of targeted ads will be most appealing. You can also use enhanced data to match up their mobile device behavior with their desktop activities for more robust insights.  

  • Better target your messaging.

More than half of all consumers say that irrelevant marketing messages are the single most annoying part of using their mobile devices every day. It’s more irritating than slow apps and websites. Using MAIDs to segment your customers, you can deliver more relevant and engaging offers. MAIDs are the key to on-the-mark personalization.

  • Gain insights into what actually works.

Using MAIDs, you can monitor what happens after your targeted, personalized ads are deployed. How did your audience interact with your ad? Did they buy your product or visit your store? With better measurement, you’ll be able to maximize your future ROI.


Grocery Chain Analyzes Who is Coming Into Stores, From Where, and When

Through MotusMobile, our proprietary mobile advertising program, B2E captures the MAIDs data from your target locations (like your – or a competitor’s! – stores, offices, or branches) to use in your digital marketing. B2E has access to 300 million monthly active mobile users and we’ve mapped 10 million U.S. and Canadian business locations. We can augment MAID information with additional data points behind the scenes to generate a rich customer picture, and help clients profile foot traffic and use segmented audiences for digital campaigns.

In a successful campaign for a grocery store chain, B2E used MotusMobile to derive detailed insights around store foot traffic. With our in-house technology, we identified household characteristics and traffic patterns to help the marketing team understand what their customer persona and key behaviors. 

With our help, the grocery chain client translated this improved customer understanding into:

  • Better store performance
  • More sales conversions
  • Optimized targeting that ensured product offerings were matched to the right audience
  • Improved media planning and buying across traditional and digital channels
  • A better understanding of the local market area through drivetime and traffic pattern analysis

This short video explains more about generating leads from your business’s foot traffic. 


As website cookies become a less reliable source of data due to new regulations and cookie-blocking technology, the power of mobile is moving to the forefront. MAIDs are a meaningful way to understand and better serve the people who matter most to your company. The data marketing experts at B2E are here to help! 


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Keith Snow

Written by Keith Snow

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