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Four Exciting Ways Marketers are Using Personalization in 2024

Jun 24, 2024 10:35:09 AM / by Keith Snow

Today, generic marketing messages just fall flat. They feel out of step with consumers who expect authenticity, relevance, and to be understood. 

Personalization has become a marketing buzzword for good reason–it’s the way for businesses to truly connect with their audiences and ultimately drive business growth. It’s both an art and science to tailor experiences to individual needs and preferences, but today’s data tools make it more achievable and impactful than ever. Here are five leading-edge tactics marketers are using today.

Personalization Based on Real-Time Context

Shopping man texting on his phone at a storeAdvanced marketing platforms are incorporating real-time data—such as weather, location, or time of day—to personalize messages in a way that surprises and delights consumers. Imagine a digital ad with a compelling message at just the right moment, like a brewery that senses your nearby location and invites you in for a refreshing drink on a hot day.

For businesses where weather plays a role in consumer decisions (there are more than you think, by the way) B2E is able to incorporate real-time weather data into digital ad campaigns with excellent results. Clients in the HVAC industry are able to automatically launch timely seasonal campaigns based on the five-day weather forecast to targeted audiences that fit their ideal customer profiles. This makes marketing interactions more intelligent, meaningful, and effective.

This data-powered marketing strategy is not just about delivering the right message; it's about creating a micro-moment that strengthens the bond between the brand and consumer.

Dynamic Content Delivery

It’s possible to personalize the content a user sees in a digital ad, on a website, or in an email, based on their individual characteristics and past interactions. The content can adjust itself in real-time to cater specifically to an audience member. This is the power of dynamic content. 

Customer data platforms (CDPs) act as the brains behind dynamic content. They gather data across sources and combine it with other relevant information such as location or time of day, and analyze it in real-time. Based on the user profile, the CDP instructs the ad platform, website, or email to adjust the content accordingly. This can manifest a variety of personalized experiences for the consumer, such as:

  • Relevant product recommendations
  • Personalized offers, discounts, or promotions
  • A personalized welcome message when visiting a website
  • A marketing email with uniquely helpful guides or information 

Carefully Orchestrated Customer Journeys

Personalization isn't just about individual touchpoints. Marketers must deliver a consistent message across all platforms, ensuring the customer receives a seamless experience regardless of where they interact with the brand. This is the ultimate goal – creating a consistent and personalized customer experience across all channels.

Creating a cohesive customer journey from the moment someone interacts with your brand requires orchestration from your website to social media to email marketing. Customer data and automation can be powerful allies. Data allows for the mapping of personalized journeys with content and offers tailored to each stage of the buying cycle. Automation tools assist with landing the right touchpoints at the right time, using triggers and scheduled content based on customer behavior and other relevant timing factors. 

Predictive Personalization

Machine learning algorithms can synthesize vast amounts of data in order to anticipate future customer behavior. Where traditional personalization relies on past behavior, predictive personalization is built around addressing future needs and interests.

MotusPredictive is a powerful AI model fed by vast amounts of consumer data. The algorithms are capable of identifying patterns and accurately predicting future behaviors. Based on these predictions, companies can personalize various aspects of their campaigns such as targeted digital ads for products before their audience begins the search process, emails with content tailored to predicted interests, or push notifications from an app based on predicted behaviors and responses. 

Predictive personalization isn't just about showing the right message; it's about creating a personalized experience that feels intuitive and trustworthy. This powerful technology equips marketers to forge stronger customer connections in the age of the informed consumer.

The Future is Personal

Personalization is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity for success in today's competitive market. Do you need to deepen your available data and tools so you can create hyper-personalized experiences that resonate with their audience? Reach out to learn more!


Keith Snow

Written by Keith Snow

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