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B2E Introduces MotusPredictive: Predictive Analytics for Strategic Marketing

Mar 8, 2023 4:14:19 PM / by Keith Snow

Every day, your customers are leaving clues about what they might do in the future. Now with help from modern data analytics, there’s no mind reading required to develop savvy marketing strategies built around successful predictions.

Motus Product RelationshipB2E is excited to bring forward-looking predictive analytics models to clients. Our new product, MotusPredictive looks deep into the digital data trail, using advanced analytical capabilities to synthesize demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors. We can develop detailed, factual pictures about who your customers are and accurately anticipate what they will need, want – and be delighted by – next.

MotusPredictive joins the suite of B2E’s Motus line of data marketing products to help businesses uncover their best new opportunities. Here are some of the ways you can put it to work.


Identify the Best New Customers

Take the guesswork out of new business efforts by using MotusPredictive to develop detailed personas that identify your most profitable customer segments and describe their buying habits and preferences. Use this information to determine exactly where to focus your business development attention, targeting the right audiences with well-timed product or service offers that catch attention. 


Successfully Expand Current Customer Relationships   

MotusPredictive models can analyze existing customer behavior patterns and spending habits, drawing in data from multiple sources and making predictions on an individual level. Guided by this intelligence, businesses can plan marketing efforts that align with where each individual most likely wants their customer experience to go. Sometimes referred to as “next best action” models, this points the business to the marketing actions and efforts that are most likely to successfully grow customer relationships. 


Reduce Customer Churn

Because it’s often more expensive and time-consuming to bring new customers on-board, most businesses want to retain as many of their existing customers as possible. Over time, a customer churn rate that’s too high can significantly impact business growth and profitability. MotusPredictive can predict exactly which customers are in the greatest danger of leaving your business so you can proactively initiate efforts to re-engage them and maintain the relationship. 


Model and Predict Time Series Sales Patterns

Many businesses understand sales peaks and troughs at high level – but they are amazed at what they can do with more detailed insights. (Think: knowing how to launch marketing campaigns, adjust staff, or order inventory based on the exact weather conditions or stock trends.) With MotusPredictive time series sales analysis, hidden patterns are uncovered to create accurate sales forecasts of the future. It can take into account factors such as weather, economic trends, cyclical fluctuations, seasonality, and behavioral patterns to help businesses make smart decisions about how to market and manage inventory, staff, and customer service.


Conduct Market Analysis

Thinking about extending your business into new markets? Investigate the likelihood of success by examining potential customer base, economic indicators, competitive analysis, and market saturation to develop an understanding about how your offerings match key market characteristics. Then, go-to-market confidently equipped with the knowledge of how to capitalize on strategic opportunities. 


Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how your business can use MotusPredictive.


Motus Products Cover Every Data Marketing Need 

MotusPredictive is the latest offering in B2E’s suite of data marketing solutions that address the complete data cycle. We help our clients gain a clear understanding of their data and how to use the resulting insights to increase sales through our four core areas of expertise


MotusData ProcessData

We can improve your current data quality with updates, validation, and cleaning and also augment your data with relevant information from top-tier external data sources. 


We can determine cause and effect or dispel myths in order to identify the best business opportunities. We measure results with reliable marketing ROI reporting.



Customer mapping, visual business intelligence, and predictive modeling confidently guide leaders to the best marketing decisions. 



Develop annual marketing plans that intelligently use data to optimize efforts. Your marketing campaigns will be more impactful and efficient when they are rooted in a deeper understanding of the right audience, message, and channels.  


See an area where your business could use support? Set up a time to talk with` B2E President Keith Snow.

T50 MotusPredictive


Your Partner For Turning Data Into Marketing Insights

Every data marketing strategy designed by B2E is customized for your business’ unique data profile and goals. We analyze data through the lens of marketing opportunities, and develop true marketing intelligence to maximize effectiveness and results. 


We use advanced data tools and maintain more than 10 in-house databases to source additional information that can augment your data and insights. This data includes: national consumer, business, market, weather, geospatial, traffic, and more.   


B2E is SOC 2-certified, meaning our information security policies and procedures have been rigorously third-party audited to confirm adherence to industry best practices.  

We’re a nimble, experienced, and tight-knit team that’s highly responsive to client needs and requests. We’d love to learn more about your marketing goals – just reach out to schedule a consultation


Keith Snow

Written by Keith Snow

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